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major new developments in t asiana airlines crash at s- today, the n-t- s-b said the pilots tried to abort the he last second, an
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good evening. major new developments tonight in the asiana airline crash at sfo. today, the ntsb says the pilot tried to abort the landing at the last second and attempted to go around and land again. it shows the approach of the aircraft was slower than the desired target speed. the two people who were killed were two 16-year-old girls from china and they are looking into if one of them was run over by a fire truck. the ntsb will be out here for at least a week. >> an amateur photographer was filming at the right time. >> look at that one. look how his nose is up in the air. >> o had h my god. oh, it is an accident. >> oh and you are filming it, too. >> oh my god. >> oh, no.
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>> oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. >> you filmed the whole thing. >> oh lord have mercy. >> that is the voice of fred hayes. he and his wife were taking a walk yesterday morning and decided to film planes coming in. tomorrow, there will be an autopsy done to determine if one of the 16-year-old girls killed was run over by a fire truck. the girl was found near the evacuation chute bite left wing. the injuries are consistent with being run over. >> that news came as a shock to the girl's family. a photographer in china captured the moment the family of wang ang rin jia found out. the officials believe they were sitting in the back of the
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plane. >> we want to show you pictures of the flight data recorders. they were on a red eye flight to washington, d.c. investigators are now carefully examining the data. kpix-5 has more on that information and what the pilots were doing just seconds before impact. linda? >> well, ann, federal investigators learned a lot more about the final moments before the crash landing. it turns out the pilot had a critically small window to correct their approach before slamming into the runway. >> in this exclusive video given to cnn an eyewitness records flight 214 seen on the right as it crash lands. it skids. >> oh my god. oh it is an accident. >> reporter: it flips on said side and bursts into flames. >> the ntsb investigators say the flight data and voice recorders are giving them the
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clues. >>en who ever the crew -- one of the crewmembers called for more speed. >> i will tell you that the speed was significantly below 137 knots. and we are not talking about a few knots. >> reporter: then, four seconds before crashing the sound of a stick shaker is heard. it has been activated. >> this is both an oral and a physical queue to the crew they are approaching a stall. it is called a stick shaker. but there is a yoke that the pilot is holding and it vibrates and it is telling them a stall is approaching. >> reporter: 1 1/2 seconds before impact to avoid crashing a crewmember calls for a go around. >> that means they want to not land but apply power and go around and try to land again. >> reporter: but the plane landed short on the runway. the tail section sliced off as it hit the sea wall.
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pieces scattering throughout the field. >> so, based on those recordings and what you just explained are you finding preliminary findings pointing to pilot error? >> what i will tell you is that the ntsb conducts thorough investigations. we will not reach a determination of probable cause in the first few days that we are on an accident scene. we want to make sure that we gather all of the evidence and the facts early in the investigation. >> reporter: ntsb investigators still need to look at the flight crews training, experience, and interview them. they will also exam evidence, survey the debris field, look at the engines and the condition of the aircraft. just some of the parts needed to 0 in on a cause. >> everying is on the table right now. it is too early to rule anything out. >> reporter: it is going to be a painstaking investigation. they have a lot of evidence to go through, in fact, most of today some of the investigator his to wait for the hazardous
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materials to be removed from the crash site before they could really dig in. ann? >> it seems in their first day of their investigation the ntsb learned a great deal. have they saided when they might offer an update on the investigation? >> they did not. they did say they gave us a lot of information based on what they heard and examined on the flight deck recorder and voice recorders but as far as specifics they said not until their next update which they did not give us a date or a time on when that might be when they can give us more information. >> thank you. the ceo of asiana airplanes does not believe it was caused by mechanical failure. [speaking in foreign language] >> that is the press conference at the president's headquarters in seoul korea. he did say the pilots all had thousands of hours of experience. the ntsb plans to talk to the
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flight crew tomorrow. asiana airlines identifies the pilot at controls as ming. he spent his career with the airline. he was one of four pilots on the plane that rotated two- person shifts during the 10 1/2 hour flight. this is no information available on the other pilots. federal aviation investigators are giving us a look at the damage done to the boeing 777. the peculiars make it even more amazing people survived. this is from the twitter feed. this is the first look at the destruction inside of the plane. the force of the impact buckled some of the seats. you can get a sense of how violent the crash landing was. the investigation could take up to a year. ntsb investigators spent part of the day combing through the debris field. they were paying attention to the far end of runway 28 left. their goal is to identify what is called the 4 corners of the
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wreckage. the nose, tail, wing tips. >> they are going to be looking through the wreckage field to identify important parts, they have documented the locations of rest of the two fatalities. they are going to be working now to document the seating positions of those who were injured. >> what is collected will tell the investigators how the plane itself performed during the crash. today, san francisco mayor praised the swift actions from the 225 first responders in yesterday's incident that they call remarkable and miraculous. >> with the injuries they notified us they are treating they are saying but for that triage work that was done at the crash site some of the victims would not have survived as they are now. >> as you know, hospitals all over the bay area treated injured passengers yesterday. sanfrancisco general 17 patients remain hospital, six
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in critical condition. including one child. 11 are hospitals, two critical condition, and four are still at cpnc hospital. we have the story of one crash survivor who has five family members in the hospital including her 4-year-old son. >> when i see the picture with the fire, wow, it is horrible. >> reporter: she speaks calmly outside of the hospital about the nightmare she just went through. >> the plane tail touched the ground directly. >> you felt that? >> i did. yeah. yeah. >> reporter: she and her son were sitting in the back of the plane next to a hole that ripped open. large enough for two. >> hi the time to walk out because it hit close to my seat. so, i take my baby and just take on my carry on baggage and walked out. >> many were not as lucky. of all of the hospitals that took in the injured patients sf general took the most.
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today, its chief of surgery described the injuries. >> a huge amount of spine catchers, some of them include paralysis. >> the most critical had head trauma and bleeding. >> we saw patients with severe road rash as suggesting they were dragged. we are not sure if those patients were outside of the plane as&this is what happened to them -- plane and this is what happened to them but they are going to be all right. >> one passenger said the seats in front of her collapsed and came at her. she was sitting in her seat. that is how she got her injuries. >> reporter: surgeons last night said they were running low on blood, they have been do egg lot of surgeries. many patients need multiple surgeries. >> i feel lucky. >> reporter: she was sitting in the back of the plane that turned out to be the most dangerous area for passengers in this crash. her son does have a broken leg but all of her five family
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members on board are expected to survive. >> i will fly again. maybe i need some time. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix-5. >> and, the two chinese teen who's died in the crash were heading to a study abroad program in southern california. at west valley christian church in the san fernando valley. church members mourned their death. they were going to spend the summer with host families learning english. instead, they will return home -- will return to china. their consulates opened today to deal with visas and passports. many of them came in to get their paperwork in order. the ntsb wants to meet with the students to get statements. another runway reopens at sfo after yesterday's crash. but things are far from back to normal. the cancellations and delays for people trying to fly.
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yesterday's crash landing. one of them... runway 28-r. re- opened around one this afternoon. but runway 28-l. where the crash happened .. closed as federal authoriti continue their investigatio the cr
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the runway, 28 right reopened today. runway 28 left where the crash happened is closed as the federal authorities continue their investigation. the crash and the closures created a big mess leaving the passengers stranded. kpix-5 is at sfo's terminal where he has been since before sunrise today. don what is the latest? >> reporter: still long lines here, brian. thousands of folks with their flights canceled yesterday, well, they are back here today. creating long lines at the domestic and international terminal. the good news is, after airport officials reopen the third runway, the long lines, they started to move at a slightly faster pace. the worker says they have not seen the airport this busy in a very long time. thousands of people standing, and hoping they can get their flights today to get to their destinations. some people say they can not find a new flight out of san francisco. >> wait and ask and just keep
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asking. >> how do you feel? >> upset. and i don't know what to do. >> being diverted into shanghai and other parts of china to get there. and it is a 2-1/2 day trip about for me. >> it sounds like a mess. >> it is a mess. but they are trying harp. >> some families -- hard. >> families are staying the night in the airport. nearby hotels were booked up. sfo canceled dozens of flights leaving the airport. quite a few more were delayed. we are live at sfo, back to you. >> all right, thank you. san jose and oakland international airports are picking up the slack. it looks like today was warmer than it was yesterday. but, not as warm as it will be tomorrow. san skwroes awe -- jose you
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the challenger trials began today, as emirates team new zealand sailed a america's cup races are finally under way. sort of. the challenge at trials began today as they failed a round of course without an opponent. italy's team boycotted the race saying it will not take part into an international jury hears protests about rule changes. the cup officials made those changes for safety reasons after one participant was killed in the accident back in may. i am not sure how much interest there is in a race of one bureau betterra said it was a beautiful day. >> yes. beautiful winds out on the bay
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water. the winds, 15, the golden gate bridge. this is the city where we are used to -- this is the city where we are used to see. the deck of clouds, 1,000 feet. gray, brisk, currently in the low 60s in san francisco. 70s coming in mountain view and santa rosa and 84 degrees in livermore. we take you inland. this is looking out, 84 degrees, northwesterly, clear for now. the marine layer will be marching inland. we all start off great tomorrow and then sunshine back in the beaches, oh, tuesday, the warmest day coming up the next workweek. today's highs, warmer than yesterday. 60 beaches, 60 is, 70s across the bay. low 90s for the inland areas, tonight, bottoming out in the middle 50s across the board. the one you need to know about, tonight's overcast skies, areas of patchy fog and then again, the warmest day, panning out to
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be tuesday. the extended forecast is called for 90s by wednesday. that is your pinpoint forecast, back to you. >> thank you. now, good news and bad news from vern today in sports. what are you going to start with? >> winners and losers, that is what sports is. yes. sums it up. >> how quickly can we wrap it up? take it out. 3rd and king street. the dodger series. giants, out there. he did not disappoint. 7 innings, 9 strikeouts, giving up 1 run. tied in 1 in the 9th. aj, fresh off of surgery. they found a big hole for bases- cheering shot. that was the dagger. the dodgers win to win the series. a's and josh, oh. on cruise control. 2-run shot here. four rbi for the day for reddic. a's win 10-4 and remain in 1st place in the west by a half
6:51 pm
game. now, in 2nd seed, andy murry finally does it. he knocked off djokovic in straight sets. he is the first brit to win wimbledon. >> can you imagine the weight of the nation? every time you go out there. 77 years and then finally get it. >> yes. you are bringing up fred perry you know it has been a long time. >> thank you, vern. top story tonight, the focus when we come back. the investigation into the deadly crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo. >> we check out the tools pilots have on board when landing a plane like the boeing 777 and find out when it tries to land too slowly ,,,,
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tarmac at s-f-o... after it crash- landed yesterday. kpix 5's don knapp spent the another live looking at the wreckage of the flight, two14, sitting on the tarmac at sfo after it crash landed yesterday. kpix-5 simulated pilots on 214 like they went through as they approached sfo. don, what did you learn today? >> well, ann. we heard it from people on the ground, professional pilots and now the ntsb. the flight was flying too low and too slow. what does it mean? well, we work with a flight instructor and simulator to find out. this gauge helps the pilot with their landing. >> this goes up, that means you are low. >> the situation indicator
6:55 pm
helps the pilot lineup with the runway while the glide scope indicator shows that the plane is too high and too low. but,asiana did not have it to follow as has been confirmed the instrument on runway 28 left is out of service and will remain out of service until august 7th. now, the flight school in hayward, simulating a landing on sfo's 28 left without depending on the glide scope indicator. like other flights landing, he still has other options. >> we have a piece of equipment, glide scope that is out. we have to evaluate. if the pilot used it. and on the airport property and they were flying the approach. if they were using automation. pilots have their own experienced eyes. >> we would be able to judge
6:56 pm
where to land. >> then attempting to statement late the too low and too slow approach. >> pick it up. that airspeed is more. even more. close to it now. going to bring the power idol. we will see that warning right there. do you see that? >> all right crashed right there. see. >> the remedy for flying too low and too slow we heard from the ntsb, is to do a fly around. why that did not happen we will have to wait for the investigation. >> you talked to a lot of experts and they are perplexed by this incident. >> they are perplexed. they say everybody lands at sfo under these beautiful equipment by eyeball. they can not understand why the equipment issues or anything else should have been a factor and why certainly they could not have put on the power and come around especially hearing from ntsb. getting the stick shaking
6:57 pm
warning. why did it happen? why did it take too long. >> it might be a year to 18 months before we know. >> thank you. the winds were height. so, weather was, that you look to as a possible fault but does not seem to be a factor. stay with kpix-5 and we will have live team coverage on the investigation and the injuries coming up at 11:00. >> that will do it for kpix5, "60 minutes" is up next. good night ,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> pelley: tonight on this special edition of "60 minutes presents," a night at the movies. in "les miserables," hugh jackman plays one of the most heroic characters in literature, jean valjean. >> ♪ look down, look down don't look him in the eye >> pelley: his performance won him a best actor oscar nomination, and jackman told us that everything he's done in a wide-ranging career has led him to "les miserables." >> i know that it demands everything from me as a singer, as an actor to pull it off.

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